Bob Graham Round (Section 2)

Bob Graham Round (Section 2)

Distance:~14 miles


Time:3 hours 15 minutes


Conditions:Breezy but dry

Parked at the NT Car Park at Glencoyne Bay

Elevation exaggerated!

Walking (or running) along Grisedale is a joy and shows the best side of Dollywaggon Pike and High Crag, the western sides are boring grass but the east facing ramparts are full of interest.

A terrific place in my humble opinion; Grisedale Tarn. However the ascent to Dollywaggon Pike is a 'killer'. Remorseless; about 300m ascent in less than 1km, 1:3.

A well deserved breather; looking down on Grisedale Tarn.

But the view from the summit cairn is worth the toil; this is the best view of St. Sunday Crag, in my opinion.

Ants on Striding Edge - busy place on a Sunday.

Catsycam from Helvellyn summit cairn.

The newly built cairn on Raise with Skiddaw in the distance.

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